Quality. Performance. Respect.

Excellence is at the heart of the group and its offers. Remade Group’s industries strive to offer the highest level of quality, in a consistent and controlled manner.

Process certification and brand development reinforce this promise.


Better than refurbished

  • Development of a new Remade battery,
  • Systematic replacement for remanufactured products,
  • Certified by an independent laboratory.
  • Processing of the original manufacturer component,
  • Functional and aesthetic repair by a chemical and technical industrial process,
  • Colouring and aesthetic finish.
  • Separation of layers and functional tests,
  • Reprocessing of the original manufacturer’s LCD layer,
  • Clean room reconstruction and functional tests.
  • Electronic failure detection,
  • Repair at the heart of our industry without subcontracting,
  • Functional tests and integration into the reconstruction process.

A unique industrial know-how
The group industrial reference
A unique industrial know-how

perfectly mastered

The 700 Remade Group employees, engineers, operators and managers are all trained to ensure the excellence of this innovative industry. The products rebuilt by Remade promise a very high level of aesthetic and functional quality.

Remade services

Much more than an industry

Remade Group also makes its technical know-how available to a variety of customers (insurers, manufacturers, distributors, e-merchants, etc.) in the form of services, logistics and repairs, under and out of warranty.

  • 36,000m2 of storage space on two sites,
  • 99.96% service rate,
  • Processing capacity of 33,000 pallets.
Booth repair
  • Local service in shopping centres,
  • Repair of tablets and smartphones,
  • Provision of services and sale of accessories.
Technical centers
  • Out of warranty repair,
  • Product audit and refurbishing,
  • After-sales service and returns processing.
Services to professionals
  • Packaging and accessories,
  • Processing of cash back returns,
  • E-logistic and documentation.